Floor-Type Boring and Rotary Milling Machine
Items Item TX6213 TX6213A TJK6213 TK6213 TH6213 TJK6213A TK6213A TH6213A TJK6216 TK6216 TH6216 TJK6216A TK6216A TH6216A
Spindle diameter mm 130 130 130 130 160 160
Spindle speed r/min 6.6-755 6.6-755 7-2000 7-1500 7-1500 7-1500
Spindle motor power kw 15 15 30 30 37 37
Cross Travel of Column (X) mm 3000(addable 3000(addable 3000(addable) 3000(addable) 3000(addable 3000(addable
Vertical Travel of Spindle Head (Y) mm 1600(addable 1600(addable 1600(addable 1600(addable 2000(addable 2000(addable
Axial travel of spindle(Z) mm 900 900 900 900 900 900
Travel of facing head slide(U) mm 200 300 300

Series 62 floor type boring and milling machine are of good performance, wide rage and high efficiency. Drilling, broacining. Boring milling, groove cutting etc. can be performed by single set-up.
The machines are widely used in engineering industry, automobile, mining equipment and large environment friendly facility, High accuracy and large holes can also be machined.
If equipped with rotary table the working range can be enlarged.