CNC Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine
Item Unit TK6111 TH6111 TK6111B TH6111B TK6113 TH6113 TK6113B TH6113B TKS6111  THS6111 TH61140
Table size mm 1400×1400 1400×1600 1250x1400 1400x1400
Max. Load of table kg 5000 8000 5000 5000
Spindle diameter mm 110 130 110 Round ram 200
Spindle speed r/min 10-1500 6-1000 10-3000 10-3000
Transverse travel of table (X) mm 1700 1800 2000 1700
Vertical travel of spindle head(Y) mm 1400 1600 1600 1400
Longitudinal travel of table (Z) mm  1400 2000 1200 1400
Travel of spindle(W) mm 600 900 550 500
Travel of facing head slide(U) mm 200 200

Table type layout with fixed column and spindle suspend at the side of column,, According to the different type of spindle head the CNC horizontal boring and milling machine divided into standard type ( with fixed facing head ) and B type ( no building-in facing head type).
ATC available as option.
B type can equipped with milling heads or boring spindle supports sleeve etc. to increase the machining efficiency.


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