Planner-type horizontal milling and boring machine – with fixed facing head
Item Unit TK6511A TH6511A TJK6513A TK6513A TH6513A TJK6516A TK6516A TH6516A
Spindle diameter mm 110 130 160
Spindle speed r/min 10-1500  10-1500  10-1500 
Table size(W X L) mm 1250x1250 (addable)  1400x1600 (addable) 1800x2000 (addable)
Max. Load of table kg 5000 10000 20000
Transverse travel of table(X) mm 2000   (addable) 2000 (addable) 2000 (addable)
Vertical travel of spindle head (Y) mm 1600  (addable) 1600 (addable) 2000 (addable)
Longitudinal travel of column (Z) mm  1500 1250 (addable) 2000
Travel of spindle(W) mm 600 900 900
Travel of facing head slide(U) mm 200 300 300

Machine adopt “T”type layout, bed is sealed boxy structure, which make the machine has high rigidity.
Machine is fit for milling, drilling, boring treading and 3D curved surface machining of large and medium workpiece.
Equipping with facing head, particularly fit for large hole machining, excircle lathe and end surface lathe.