CNC Gantry-Type Milling and Boring Machine- Series XK27
Item Unit XK2730 XK2735 XK2740 XK2745 XK2750
Table size(W×L) mm 3000×10000 3500×10000 4000×12000 4500×12000 5000×12000
Max. table loading t/m2 25 25 25 25 25
X axis travel mm  Movement 10500 Movement 10500 Movement 12500 Movement 12500 Movement 12500
Y axis travel mm 4800 5300 5800 6300 6800
Z axis travel mm 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
W axis travel mm
XK 27 is a gantry-moving type boring and milling machine with fixed-bean and fixed worktable.
The machine’s X,Y adopt constant flow type of bulls pump, It has a strong capacity of resisting eccentric load, high stiffness, good dynamic response performance and high location accuracy etc.
Section ram is made of ductile cast iron, is of good rigidity and high strength.
Spindle adopts three shifting gear transmission mechanism, no power gap, cutting performance with high torque.
Drive mechanism structure of X,Y axis adopts dual-motor anti-blacklash to guarantee gantry and the slide plate moving with high accuracy and high stability.
Machine quipped with various milling head to achieve the workpiece pentahedral comprehensive processing.