CNC Gantry-Type Milling and Boring Machine - Series XK24
Item Unit XK2420 XK2425 XK2430 XK2435
Table size(W×L) mm 2000×4000 2500×6000 3000×6000 3500×6000
Max. table loading t/m2 15 25 30 35
X axis travel mm  Movement 4200  Movement 6200  Movement 6200  Movement 6200
Y axis travel mm 3000 3500 4000 4500
Z axis travel mm 1000 1250 1250 1250
W axis travel mm

Fixed-beam, moving-table type : Column is mounted at the bed side. Crossbeam is mounted on two columns. Whole machine is of high rigidity and good stability.
Imported heavy load linear rolling guideways are used for X, Y axes.
Spindle head is cooled by constant temperature oil.
Central timing and constant-displacement lubrication is used.
Preloaded ball screws and nuts are used for X,Y, and Z axes.


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